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    Infinite Backup
    For Those That Want to Sleep Like a Baby!

Protect your data with the leader in Data Backup Technology Total peace of mind is only a click a way!

Why You Should be using Infinite Data Backup.

Meet Parker! Like most IT Professionals, Parker satisfied the need to protect against data loss with an automatic, safe, and entirely secure data backup.

Take the risk hassle burden out of managing your own data backup.

Our data backup system is fully automated and runs when you leave the office for the day. We'll email a status update when the backup is done. Sweet Dreams!

Hippa Compliant

Meet privacy compliance regulations with ease. With multiple layers of encryption, our technology will keep your data safe and private.

End-to-End Security

Data is encrypted before leaving the device, remains encrypted during transit, and stays encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption.

Unlimited Backup

Protect every version of every file, forever, with no limits on type, size or number of files. A true set it and forget it backup system.

Smart Backup

Infinite Data Backup backs up the most recently changed data first. This ensures your latest achievments are protected sooner rather than later.

Restore With Ease

Backing up your data is important, but the ability to recover your data is the pinnacle of any backup program. Just choose your restore date, select your files, and begin to smile.

Rapid Restore

Unlike most of the competition, we will never throttle your ability to restore files. With multi-threaded transfers and bandwith, we will make quick work of any file restore.


Major Catastrophe Averted!

Safely, routinely, and securely store your data and avoid the headaches of any future server failure, weather disaster, or even a disgruntled employee.

With 3 datacenters in Dallas, and 2 in Houston, our global cloud includes 11 data centers in total. Redundancy and Security are the most important principles at Infinite Data Backup. This includes hardware, software, policies and controls, physical security of our data centers, and verification by independent auditors.

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